RICHI PHOTOGRAPHY is contemporary photography of the very high standard.  Against the stunning backdrops of the naturally beautiful United States landscape, Chirag Patel creates compelling images of weddings, celebrations and the nature world.  Driven by a passion for photographic excellence and possessing years of experience, he is an upcoming photographer.  His photographs capture the emotion and joy of the moment whether it is of the couples, your family or natural world.
Chirag Patel has won 2010 Best Photographer Award for his picture (Walkway).  This was published in the International Photography Magazine (web based) for Black & White category. One of his photograph was also selected to be published with MS NBC (Snap 1Snap 2)photo community. Recently two of his pictures were published on one of the most popular search engines Bing. (Snap 1, Snap 2) You can also meet him in person in few of the Photography groups online.  He is very active in community with religious places, school events, sporting events etc.